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Managing Complex Procurement and Projects

A state-of-the-art approach to managing complex procurement arrangements and projects.

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You'll explore proven concepts, frameworks and tools distilled from 'real world' examples of complex procurement and projects

Master the dilemmas

This programme offers cutting-edge thinking and research to support practitioners dealing with the dilemmas generated by complex procurement arrangements and projects (for example, platforms, systems, infrastructure and public-private partnerships).

It addresses the dilemmas and challenges inherent in circumstances where organisations and individuals need to manage high levels of complexity stemming from the performance outcomes being procured and/or managed. It also examines overlapping time pressures and the unique challenges of managing stakeholder networks.

The programme seeks to challenge existing behaviour and provides tools, frameworks and skills development to master these dilemmas. It aims to facilitate a more 'eclectic understanding' of procurement/project-related issues, thus challenging existing behaviour, thinking and practices.

Who should attend

The course is designed for decision makers within the procurement and project management functions, as well as decision makers from other professions.

What the programme covers

The curriculum features a unique and carefully designed blend of content related to complex procurement/project challenges. Peer-to-peer feedback and learning will be used throughout to promote self-reflection and critical assessment. An emphasis is placed on 'learning by doing' through case studies, action learning, exercises and experimentation.

Day 1: The Strategy Space: Understanding and contracting for MCPP

  • Welcome
    • Getting to know each other
    • Course outline
  • MCCP: Exploring and evaluating dilemmas
    • Exploring challenges and drivers of complex procurement/ projects and their impact on performance
  • Understanding, managing and contracting priorities (and strategic success factors)
    • Identifying and evaluating strategic MCPP success factors
    • Formulating strategic actions to drive and implement success factors
    • Exploring how to best fit supplier capabilities with stakeholder requirements
  • The strategic environment as a pivotal role of market intelligence
    • Evaluating the impact of key strategy elements on your company's/suppliers' business models
    • Critically analyse the different forms and strategic impacts of markets and strategy environments to assess drivers towards complexity and market characteristics
    • Understand and judge the relevance of these market models to modern day thinking on market behaviour with a focus on MCPP market characteristics
  • Dinner and Networking

Day 2: Identifying and managing strategic risks and stakeholders in MCPP contexts

  • Rethinking risk management - Dealing with crisis situations and project failures
    • Determining and critiquing appropriate risk management processes to manage strategic risks and megatrends
    • Evaluating and managing MCPP risk appetite and tolerance
    • Managing and driving failure detection, analysis, prevention and recovery
  • Stakeholder management and communication for MCPPs
    • Identifying, managing and influencing key MCPP stakeholders
    • Establishing powerful internal and external communication plans
  • Knowledge retention and capability development
    • Critically assess approaches to knowledge retention and capability development
  • Solutions to complex problems
    • Managing complex co-ordination
    • Developing and managing the intelligent client/customer
    • Managing and solving dilemmas and conflicts
    • The use of simplicity tools

How you will benefit

The programme will support you in understanding, critically analysing and managing MCPP challenges. You will have plenty of opportunities to develop and hone appropriate strategic skills and engage in a reflective process about the reality of the challenges you are facing as an individual and as an organisation.

Throughout, you will:

  • engage in networking opportunities and group discussions
  • explore, analyse and implement decision-making structures, tools, frameworks and concepts based on 'real world' MCPP examples across - industries/sectors from around the world
  • share best/good practice through case studies, experience, exercises, tools, concepts and frameworks

How your organisation will benefit

Your organisation will benefit by having employees who can:

  • understand, critically analyse and manage MCPP dilemmas and gain a more eclectic view on MCPP
  • develop an appropriate strategic skillset to deal with different MCPP dilemmas by critically reflecting on and applying established and leading-edge concepts, tools, frameworks, 'good practice' cases and research findings.

More specifically, organisations will benefit by their employees' ability to:

  • strategically shape and manage the contracting process
  • explore and critically assess MCPP business models
  • evaluate and manage strategic risks and crisis situations
  • identify and nurture stakeholder relationships to drive performance
  • build, capture and disseminate MCPP knowledge

Fees, dates and location


Two-day programme: £1,200.


2020 dates to be confirmed.


The programme is run in the Executive Development Centre at The Edge on our campus in Bath.

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Programme leader

Professor Jens Roehrich is Associate Professor in Operations and Supply Management and Director of the Centre for Research in Strategic Purchasing and Supply (CRiSPS). Jens has worked in Austria, Germany, South Africa and the USA. He has carried out research, consultancy, executive education and competence development activities with a wide range of public and private sector organisations such as Arup, Maersk, Augusta Westland, Carillion, GKN, NHS PASA and Veolia.