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Managing stress and anxiety: Workshops

Uni life can be stressful, especially this time of year with deadlines and exams looming. Sign up for a workshop to learn ways to reduce anxiety and keep calm

During the January revision and exam period, we're offering a range of short, free workshops to help you manage anxiety and stress and stay calm.

Held on MS Teams and run by counsellors here at Bath, these workshops will equip you with practical skills and techniques you can put in place right away.

What you learn will help you deal with exams, deadlines and other academic pressures and more widely in facing the challenges of life.

Less Stress workshop

Wednesday 12 January, 2-4pm

Is stress making life hard? Maybe you’re struggling to concentrate. Or you find yourself worrying all the time. Or you’re feeling so anxious about assignments and exams that it stops you doing your best.

This workshop will help you:

  • understand your anxieties and worries
  • challenge unhelpful thinking
  • develop new coping strategies and tools to manage stress.

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Anxiety Aid workshop

Wednesday 19 January, 2-4pm

Are you experiencing anxiety? Is your mind wandering all over the place making it difficult to concentrate? Does the thought of exams fill you with dread?

There are ways to prepare academically but also psychologically. Using tried-and-tested cognitive behavioural strategies, we'll guide you through down-to-earth ways to make anxiety more manageable.

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Calm workshop

Wednesday 26 January, 2-4pm

Are you feeling worried? Are you finding it difficult to switch off or relax? Are you gripped by panic the night before exams?

This workshop will teach ways to regulate difficult feelings, practical relaxation techniques and how to manage racing thoughts.

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