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Microsoft Teams introduces Virtual Breakout Rooms.

From Mid -December you'll be able to add a Breakout Room to your meeting or lecture for a new collaboration experience.

What is happening

Virtual Breakout Rooms are a new feature for Microsoft Teams that will be introduced from Mid-December.

What is changing

When you create a meeting, you will now have the option to separate your meeting attendees into smaller groups, away from the main meeting.

This is great for brain-storming sessions or really useful for group work if you are teaching.

As an organiser you can easily move between break-out groups, just as you would move round a meeting room or teaching space.

How to prepare for this change

Visit the Breakout Rooms Learning Pathway (step by step guidance from Microsoft, on our Microsoft Learn site) to discover how to create and manage a Breakout Room for your next meeting or class.

Microsoft Learn is our online, interactive learning platform where you can learn all about Microsoft 365 tools and features. It’s filled with easy to use ‘how-to’ guides, hints and tips to help you get the most from your Microsoft tools.

Key benefits

Virtual Breakout Rooms are a great new feature, here's why:

A group of students discussing ideas.
  • As a meeting organiser, you can manage Breakout Rooms and move freely between them
  • Give each Breakout Room a title to match your meeting
  • Create up to fifty Breakout Rooms per meeting
  • You decide which participants get moved to each room. They just select 'confirm' to move
  • If you send an announcement it will show up in each Breakout Room, so no need to say things twice!