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Microsoft Teams meeting recordings are moving to OneDrive and Teams

Managing meeting recordings just got even easier.

Microsoft Teams meeting recordings are moving from Microsoft Stream to OneDrive. This change should make it easier to find, share and manage your recordings.

Here’s everything you need to know about the change

  1. When you meet using Microsoft Teams, you can record the meeting to share later.

  2. The meeting organiser or a presenter starts the recording.

  3. Currently once the meeting is finished or the meeting recording is stopped, it is saved to Microsoft Stream (Microsoft 365’s video storage and streaming service).

  4. The meeting recording can be found within the meeting Chat.

What is going to change

From Monday 26 October new meeting recordings will be saved to your OneDrive or Teams Channel. This change should make it easier to find, share and manage your recordings:

  • Recordings can be shared easily with attendees both internal and external if you need to.

  • Recordings will appear in search results

Meeting recordings will still be found within the meeting chat. When you open the meeting recording, it will open in either OneDrive or SharePoint.

When this change is happening

This change will be happening on Monday 26 October.

Prepare yourself for this change

View the Microsoft Teams Meeting Recordings guidance on the University of Bath - Learning pathways to discover more.

University of Bath – Learning Pathways is our online, interactive learning platform where you can learn all about Microsoft 365 tools and features.

Key benefits

There are many reasons why the change will make recording, managing and sharing a meeting with attendees easier:

A group of people having a meeting.
  • OneDrive and Teams keep your recordings safe and secure
  • There's easy to use permissions and sharing
  • You can share recordings with external attendees if you need to.
  • Your meetings will be available faster, great if you're pushed for time
  • Improved transcript and speaker attribution makes meetings more accessible