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New Facilities

The new IAAPS facility will support the delivery of future generations of clean and efficient vehicles and be a global leader in graduate automotive education

What we offer

A range of state-of-the-art experimental research platforms for precise systems level investigations that will offer deep insights into the complex nature of transitioning to future Ultra Low and Zero Emission Vehicles.

Powertrain Research Cell with complete vehicle

In total we will have 17 Research and Innovation Cells. These will include:

  • State of the art 3E and 5E powertrain dynamometers capable of re-creating highly dynamic, real world events in a laboratory environment to analyse transmission, battery, E-machine and IC engine systems. These cells are equipped to 750kW with up to 500kW of battery emulation together with full emissions and electrical power analysis capability. High transient absorbers allow these facilities to integrate with dynamic vehicle modelling software.

  • Climatic control rolling roads to evaluate and optimise complete vehicle performance in real world driving conditions. Our 250kW climatic control four wheel drive rolling roads will evaluate and optimise complete vehicle emissions, efficiency and performance in real world driving conditions and will deliver environmental capabilities from -10°C to +40°C. Our chassis dynamometers are equipped with robot drivers which ensure maximum repeatability. These facilities encompass a soak area for vehicle stabilisation with capacity for up to 9 vehicles. There are two thermal chambers which can drop down to -10°C to prepare vehicles for low temperature work. These cells are equipped with electrical power analysis and a full suite of highly capable conventional and FTIR emissions analysers.

  • Highly dynamic, high speed capable dynamometer facilities to deliver research around the complexity of hybrid propulsion optimisation and support the transition to increased electrification and autonomous vehicles. In total, we will have seven propulsion cells. This highly flexible suite of cells has a capability ranging from the highest rated cell at 750kW to the smallest capacity cell at 150kW. Our electric motor capability offers speeds of up to 30,000 rpm with configurable bi-directional battery emulation up to 500kW per cell at a maximum of 1100 volts and full transient electrical power measurement. Our largest propulsion cell will be equipped to handle a 750kW engine, this will give us the capability to work on the leading high performance IC engines together with the flexibility to develop the high torque engine technology seen in heavy duty and off highway vehicles.

  • Hot gas stands for studying advanced turbomachinery concepts and waste heat recovery systems. By driving the turbine with heat compressed air, IAAPS can undertake turbomachinery research at temperatures of up to 750°C and flow rates of up to 150kg per hour. Our facility includes the capability of engine flow pulse simulation and the ability to test twin entry systems with unequal intake conditions. The gas stands are designed to be highly flexible with the base capability to cover a wide range of industry’s needs going forward for at least the next twenty years.

  • There will also be an additional three fully flexible cells which can be configured as needed for system and subsystem investigation or future facility growth.

New Facilities

Here's a preview of what we'll host within the new IAAPS building

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