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On Track to Bath Programme

On Track to Bath is a free one-year curriculum enhancement programme for local A level students to support entry to higher education.

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What is On Track to Bath?

Watch this video to find out more about the programme.

What is On Track to Bath?

On Track to Bath is a one-year blended learning programme which will develop your independent learning, academic research and employability skills, and will help you to make an informed choice about your university course.

New for 2020-21, it is being delivered in partnership with Santander, to support students in developing employability skills alongside academic learning.

The programme will combine the opportunity for some COVID-19 secure visits to the University campus with remote learning as part of an online community. Your online sessions will enable you to undertake your own project with the support of some of our academic staff and current students.

On Track to Bath is for local students who meet our On Track to Bath application criteria.

The programme will run from Jan 2021 to Dec 2021 and you can apply for a place here.

Watch this presentation to find out more detail
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Which subject areas are available?

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What will you do?

Part 1 (Year 12)

You will:

  • have regular online sessions designed to broaden your understanding of your chosen subject area and develop your academic and employability skills
  • attend an on-campus subject workshop day, meet your Tutor and other students (Covid 19 restrictions permitting)
  • complete a project in your chosen subject designed to develop your independent learning and research skills
  • attend an on-campus residential in Summer 2021 (Covid 19 restrictions permitting)

Part 2 (Year 13)

Part 2 will be online sessions throughout the Autumn term of 2021. You will:

  • complete workshops helping you to make a competitive UCAS application, write a strong personal statement and develop your interview skills
  • discover more about student life including managing your money, social life & extra-curricular activities, academic and personal support
  • receive support with applications to university, including the opportunity for 1:1 personal statement support
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How will you benefit?

Throughout On Track to Bath you will participate in regular sessions to support you during your A level studies and in developing the skills and confidence to succeed in higher education and beyond.

You will:

  • study an online course relevant to your subject area with regular support from academic specialists
  • receive ongoing support throughout On Track to Bath from a Co-ordinating Tutor in the subject area
  • meet our staff and work alongside some of our current students during campus-based workshops
  • develop your independent learning and research skills by completing a project on a topic that you enjoy
  • gain practical research experience that will support your future university studies (and any project qualifications you undertake alongside your A levels, such as the Extended Project Qualification)
  • participate in workshops which will support you to develop your employability skills, make informed decisions about your next steps, and to make a competitive UCAS application
  • undertake an on-campus residential which will give you a real insight into what it's like to live and study at university

You can read our Student Blog to find out about the experiences of students who have previously completed On Track to Bath (the format of the programme will be different this year but the benefits will remain the same).

Alternative Offer

If you successfully complete On Track to Bath and apply to study at Bath your application will receive additional consideration from our Admissions Progression team.

In addition, if you achieve a B or above in your On Track project you will be eligible for an alternative offer*, which is typically a reduction by one grade in one of your A levels (e.g. for a course with a typical offer of AAA in 3 A levels an alternative offer would be AAB in 3 A levels plus a B in the On Track Project).

There are some exceptions and limitations to our alternative offer scheme. Find out more about our alternative offers for undergraduate students.

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More information

The programme is designed to support students under-represented in university

Who can apply?

On Track to Bath is for local students who meet our On Track to Bath application criteria.

When does the programme run?

The programme will run from January 2021 until December 2021

What is the time commitment?

The programme is designed to fit around a busy A level schedule and the online activities will require no more than one hour per week to complete. You can work through the programme where and when suits you. Any visits to the University will be held outside of term time wherever possible.

What about COVID-19?

University visits are planned to be held outside of term time, but where necessary, we will work in partnership with your school or college to ensure that you are supported to balance the programme with your other commitments. If the COVID-19 restrictions at the time of the events mean we cannot run them then we will run virtual events instead.

We also plan for students on the programme to attend an on-campus residential in Summer 2021 in order to gain a first-hand experience of life at university, if COVID-19 restrictions mean this is not possible then there will be virtual alternatives.

What's new in 2021?

New for 2020-21, On Track to Bath, is being delivered in partnership with Santander, to support students in developing employability skills alongside academic learning.

This programme isn't right for me, is there anything else?

Yes, we have 3 programmes for year 12 students which can all lead to an alternative offer to Bath. Choose your programme now or we have a suite of other activities you may be interested in.

Contact with parents/carers and teachers


We feel it’s important to work closely with schools and parents to make sure the students feel supported and parents/carers have the know-how they need to help young people prepare and apply for university. We ensure that we have a dialogue with parents/carers and teachers and provide them with the information they need.

About our partner

All students deserve the opportunity to succeed, regardless of their circumstances.

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Santander Universities UK has spent more than a decade collaborating with a large network of university partners to remove barriers to higher education for students whose ambitions aren’t always matched by their means. With a tailored package of financial and in-kind support, we help students boost their career prospects through paid internships or overseas travel; empower them to make their business ideas a reality, and support their learning with scholarships and bursaries.

Access to online learning

We can support you to access technology if needed.

The University of Bath is leading the Digital Divide project, addressing the challenge of not only providing content that gives young people the best chance of success, but also ensuring they have the means to access it. Please contact us if you anticipate any challenges applying for or completing the pre and post work online and we will do our best to support you.

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