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Pain-free volunteers needed for research investigating body perception in chronic pain

Our psychology researchers are recruiting healthy, pain-free volunteers to provide control data for a project. You'll be paid and improve our knowledge of pain.

A woman holding her wrist in pain
You must be healthy and pain-free to take part in this research

What we're doing

We are seeking healthy, pain-free volunteers to provide control data for research conducted on people who suffer from chronic pain.

Take part

You can take part in this research if you are:

  • healthy and pain-free
  • aged 18 years or older

We will match you closely in age to people with chronic pain who have already taken part in our research. For this reason, the required age for the healthy, pain-free volunteers varies from month to month.

Email Axel Vittersø to take part in this research

What's involved

We have more than one study running at a given time. If you decided to take part, then you will be asked to attend a research session in which you will complete:

  • some questionnaires
  • a brief clinical assessment (to establish that you do not have chronic pain)
  • some temperature recordings

You will also complete some simple tasks, such as making decisions about touch felt in your hands, reaching and pointing while wearing goggles that distort your vision, and manipulating simple tools.

The research will take place at the University of Bath campus at the time that best suits you.

A session can take between 2 to 4 hours, depending on the study.

Benefits of taking part

By participating in this research you will help to improve the understanding of the cortical mechanisms underlying chronic pain conditions. You will also receive £10 per hour payment for your time.

Learn more about the study

You can contact Mr Axel Vittersø or Dr Janet Bultitude to find out more about the study.