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Placement Bursary

The Placement Bursary is worth up to £2,000 in your unpaid placement year.

About the bursary

Find out about the Placement Bursary.

The information provided on this webpage is for 2023/4 entry or existing students only.

If you receive the Bath Bursary, Gold Scholarship, Cowrie Foundation Scholarship or Discretionary Student Support Fund, and are planning to do an unpaid placement period as part of your degree, you could be paid this extra award of up to £2,000. This award will be paid in addition to your other funding. The award is worth either £1,000 or £2,000, depending on the type of placement that you are undertaking.

Bursaries are usually paid as a single instalment in December.

Please refer to the historic undergraduate bursaries and scholarships Terms and Conditions for previous years of entry.

Eligibility criteria

Find out if you are eligible to receive the Placement Bursary.

To be eligible, you must:

  • be a Home UK undergraduate student in receipt of the Bath Bursary, Gold Scholarship, Cowrie Foundation Scholarship or Discretionary Student Support Fund
  • be undertaking an unpaid placement period or study abroad as part of your degree in the 2023/24 academic year

You will receive:

  • the full award of £2,000 if you are doing a full-year unpaid placement and/or study abroad
  • a pro rata award of £1,000 if you are doing a placement year that is part paid and part unpaid and/or study abroad
  • a pro rata award of £1,000 if you are doing a thin sandwich placement that is unpaid and/or study abroad

If you are undertaking a full-year paid placement, or a thin sandwich paid placement, you will not be eligible for the Placement Bursary.

Placement course definition

Find out how a placement course is defined for the purposes of this funding scheme.

For the purposes of this bursary scheme, a placement course:

  • is a course that has a full or half-year placement option as an integral part of the course
  • is defined by the UCAS codes that identify the course as an undergraduate degree course with placement
  • can be made up of paid or unpaid employment, research, or study abroad. These periods normally attract a reduced tuition fee liability

Your placement will be classed as unpaid if:

  • you are carrying out unpaid employment, research, or study abroad
  • you are in receipt of a stipend – a paid allowance that is non-taxable income

How to apply

Find out how to apply for a bursary.

Application timeline

The final date for us to consider awards for the 2023/24 academic year is 30 November 2023.

Application process

You do not need to submit an application form, as awards are automatic based on information in your student SAMIS record. However, students in receipt of the Discretionary Student Support Fund will need to notify the Student Money Advice Team and Scholarships and Bursaries Team to make them aware of their placement circumstances.

Your departmental placement team will require you to submit information about your placement via the Placement Task in student SAMIS record. This will include whether you are on a paid or unpaid placement, or if you are receiving a stipend. You should speak to your department placement team if you have any questions about this task.

We will email all those who are eligible for an award in November once we have checked the placement information in your SAMIS record. If your placement information in SAMIS is incomplete we may not be able to determine your eligibility for the bursary and as such you may not receive the Placement Bursary.

Information given in your placement task is separate to any data that is held about your course's mode of attendance, which have a default status e.g. paid or unpaid placement year. Any changes required to your mode of attendance is undertaken by Student Records in Academic Registry. If you have any queries about this speak with your Placement Team.

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