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Research and Innovation Partnerships

Work with our highly skilled academic experts to explore solutions to your complex business or public sector challenges.

Business focused research

Mathematics is a powerful tool which can help you solve a complex innovation challenge.

Work with our highly skilled academic experts over a three month period. Our Research and Innovation Partnership Programme is designed to help you explore new ideas and develop innovative solutions to a specific business or public sector question.

IMI specialises in forecasting, multi-scale modelling, dynamical systems, network analysis, optimisation, development of AI algorithms, fluid flow analysis and control problems within a variety of sectors.

About the programme

Collaborate with us to gain new insight and achieve your innovation goals.

Representatives from your organisation will primarily work with IMI’s team of Commercial Research Associates. They will also have access to leading subject matter experts in our Faculties of Engineering & Design, Science, Social Science & Humanities, and School of Management, providing opportunities for you to expand your network of academic collaborators.

Our research partnerships follow a two-pillar structure:

Research project Company visits
We will work with you to develop your exploratory/pilot research project based on your company challenge. Company representatives will spend up to five days at the University, tapping into our world-class research knowledge.
Four weeks of Commercial Research Associate time will be dedicated to working with you over a three-month period. Where relevant we will facilitate 1-2-1 time with leading academic experts at the University.
Where beneficial, we will draw on subject matter experts from the University’s many research departments. Our Commercial Research Associates will spend up to two weeks collaborating with you at your company’s premises to ensure we have a solid understanding of the problem and its constraints.
Our research methodology and findings will be documented in a written report.

Working with the IMI

Our versatile multidisciplinary approach is a proven catalyst for innovation.

We give companies a competitive edge, new insight and a different perspective.

As a University Institute, we have a versatile multidisciplinary approach which enables us to develop bespoke solutions for clients in sectors spanning agri-food to energy, healthcare to insurance and manufacturing to retail.

Costs and requirements

An IMI research partnership offers exceptional value

As a University Institute, we operate on a non-profit basis. Our research partnerships offer businesses exceptional value, priced at the break-even cost of running the programme.

The cost of entering into an IMI Research and Innovation Partnership is a one-off fee of £10,000 (exempt from VAT) which covers the:

  • salary cost of four weeks Commercial Research Associate time
  • salary costs of the University's academic experts assisting the research
  • travel and subsidence costs associated with company visits
  • costs of research project engagement activities

All IMI Research and Innovation Partnerships are required to meet the University’s research integrity and ethical standards.

Our research is usually conducted in an ‘open innovation’ setting, but we are happy to work on a consultancy basis if you require exclusive rights to the project outputs and would like these to be kept confidential.

Harnessing the power of mathematics

Find out what AtlasGenetics and PepsiCo say about working with the IMI.

Our client base

Our client base includes start-ups, businesses from a variety of sectors, global multinationals and public sector organisations.

Client logos

'IMI gave us a different perspective on what we were doing and came up with an elegant solution to get round our problems.

'Before then we were going down one alley and we were constantly going down there wondering why everything wasn’t working as well as we’d hoped it would.

'Without their help we wouldn’t have been able to improve the sensitivity of our platform.'

Barrie Marsh, Project Leader, Atlas Genetics

Contact us

Contact IMI Manager, Dr Caroline Ang, if you are interested in collaborating with us on a research project.