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Research Software Engineer

Discover how a Research Software Engineer can enhance the research and development within your department.

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A Research Software Engineer can enhance your department.

The role of a Research Software Engineer

A Research Software Engineer (RSE) is anyone primarily or largely involved in developing software as part of their research. Importantly RSEs have expertise that crosses research domains and software development, a role that is attracting growing recognition. The use of research software has spread from traditional applications such as numerical methods and simulation in maths, physics and chemistry to being essential for data analysis or controlling experiments across disciplines.

How a Research Software Engineer can benefit your department

Investments in the central High Performance Computing (HPC) service, Balena and its support staff have supported the use and uptake of HPC across the University. Alongside the University’s participation in the GW4 Tier 2 HPC, Isambard, it has created a new central RSE role to provide support to researchers. The RSE is based in the HPC team in DD&T and will provide training and research support across the University. The aim of this role is to promote best practice in research software engineering, to ensure the reproducibility of software and data analysis and to help deliver sustainable software. Over the coming months I will be working to develop four key areas:

  • Postgraduate and researcher training (group and individual)
  • Working with researchers on collaborations to develop research software
  • Helping researchers to port codes to the new GW4 Tier-2 HPC Isambard
  • Support existing RSEs working on development projects across the University

In the meantime if you would like to discuss training, collaboration or RSEs more generally please contact James at