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Right to rent

From February 2016, you need to prove you're a legal resident if you want to rent a property in England. If you're a student or landlord, we can advise you.

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Rent a house

From 1 February 2016, if you start a new private renting contract, you must prove to your landlord that you have the right to rent in England. If you can't prove your right to rent, you will not be able to rent a house in the UK.

Advice on renting a property

The Student Accommodation team can answer your questions about renting accommodation in the private sector.

Finding accommodation through Studentpad

Help for students

If you are having trouble proving your right to rent, the Student Immigration Service (SIS) can give you some advice.

You should be aware of your rights as an international student and be able to explain your Visa status to landlords and how they can verify your status.

Find out how to prove your right to rent

Make sure you have your documents ready

You will have to provide documents to your landlord or letting agent as evidence that you are legally allowed to be in the UK even if you are a British or EU Citizen. The landlord or agent will need to check your original documents, but you should also provide copies for them to keep.

You don't have to prove your right to rent to stay in University-owned accommodation.

Landlord's 'right to rent' check

If your required documents, like your passport and visa, are with the Home Office, your landlord will need to request a 'right to rent' check for you. This can take 48 hours.

If you use our Tier 4 Extension Service, we can give you a letter explaining that your documents are with the Home Office. This letter is not a substitute for your documents or a 'right to rent' check.

Contact the Student Immigration Service

Help for landlords in Bath

If you're a landlord, you will need to confirm all your tenants can legally rent your property.

The Student Immigration Service can answer your questions about renting to our students and help with their documentation.

How to check your tenant's right to rent