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University of Bath

Santander postgraduate mobility awards

If you are a doctoral student, you can apply for an award to help promote your research and build your networks.

About the awards

The awards, supported by Santander Universities, help doctoral students present work at conferences, build links with high-profile institutional partners and carry out research overseas.

If you are eligible, you could be awarded up to £2,000.

Check if you're eligible

You can apply for an award if you are a doctoral student and planning to carry out any of the following activities.

Present your work at conferences

You can use the award to attend and present at a major international conference that is relevant to your research project.

Visit another institute and improve research networks

You can apply for an award to support planned work or training overseas. You will need to provide evidence of how your visit will support your research project and help to establish international research networks.

Do research overseas

You can apply for an award to support research at a university or higher education institution elsewhere in the world, especially as part of an ongoing research collaboration.

Find out how to apply for a Santander postgraduate mobility award