Selected case studies

Read our selected case studies on how mathematicians at the University have helped deliver insight and solutions to real-world challenges.

  • Forecasting the cost of extreme weather events

    The IMI has helped Tokio Millennium Re improve the forecasting of insurance losses in areas affected by extreme weather events.
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  • Modelling the impacts of tax reform in London

    Working with the Institute for Policy Research, we have modelled the effects of tax reforms in the capital.
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  • Improving clinical trials

    By establishing better 'stopping rules' for the clinical trials, mathematicians at the University have made clinical trials faster and more efficient.
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  • Keeping forests healthy

    Read how a new statistical model developed at the University is improving forest health monitoring.
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  • Improving Met Office weather forecasting

    In collaboration with the Met Office, mathematicians at the University have developed adaptive numerical methods to improve the accuracy of weather forecasting.
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  • Making nuclear reactors safer

    Working with Amec Foster Wheeler, Bath's mathematicians helped improve software used to assess the safety and operation of nuclear facilities.
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  • Improving oil extraction processes

    Read how mathematicians at the University have helped Institut Fran├žais du Petrole Energies Nouvelles (IFPEN) achieved a ten-fold increase in oil flow simulation.
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