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Set up a policy research network

Find out how we can support you to engage more effectively with policy challenges emerging in different national and global contexts.

The support we offer

The Institute for Policy Research (IPR) supports research networks which are policy relevant, research active and have a global reach.

We can support expert groups in different world regions, involving researchers, policymakers and practitioners. This will also enable you to engage more effectively with international bodies, including the EU, keen to fund high-quality international research teams.

We can offer you:

  • web space
  • an IPR blog template
  • advice and support for promoting your network to interested communities of academics, policymakers and practitioners internally and externally
  • funding for one annual conference (up to £3,000)
  • support with producing conference materials and best practice advice for digital and social media use
  • support with conference outputs (reports, policy briefs and other publications), development of project teams and concepts, and research funding applications

Your responsibilities as a network leader

Web content

You must provide any content for the network web pages. We will provide editorial support and will manage content in the CMS. Please note, the IPR reserves the right to decline adding content which is not user focused, relevant or accurate.

Conferences and events

Any event you propose should be high-quality, central to furthering or deepening relationships within the network, be policy relevant and lead to policy-relevant outputs. Examples of outputs might include:

  • a conference report
  • an IPR Policy Brief
  • a publication in a high profile journal
  • formation of a research project
  • bids for funding grants

Please note that any publications, research projects or grants that are awarded to research that stems from an IPR network, should reference the IPR.


You are responsible for providing the content of all blog posts (including blog posts by network members), and for ensuring that the content is high-quality and produced regularly, taking advantage of timely opportunities to contribute to public and policy debate on subjects of relevance to your network.

Our current research networks

We currently have teo active research networks:

How to set up a network

If you would like to discuss setting up a network or discuss IPR support for the activities of your existing network, please contact us.