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Share your experiences of psychological difficulties to help us train future clinical psychologists

We're looking for people with experience of psychological or physical health difficulties to help us improve the health services and make them more accessible.

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The University of Bath provides professional postgraduate training for psychologists

Working together with People with Personal Experience

Our Doctorate in Clinical Psychology is a three year training course, which includes academic study and clinical placements in the NHS mental health services. The training course is strongly committed to working together with people with personal experience.

The term People with Personal Experience (PPE) was chosen by PPE representatives to describe people with experience of a range of psychological or physical health difficulties. It also includes carers and people who may not have themselves experienced a psychological difficulty but have supported a loved one.

Why we are involving PPE in the Clinical Psychology Trainee course

We know that there is still much to be done to improve health services and make them more accessible and helpful. We hope that by working together with PPEs, we can foster attitudes and practices that serve trainees well in all contexts that they will find themselves working in.

We want the contribution of PPEs to be challenging and thought-provoking for trainees. We feel it is important to include this unique perspective from the very beginning of training and in a wide variety of ways.

What can PPEs be involved in?

PPE involvement is a developing process. There are many different possibilities, but these broadly fall into the categories of:

  • helping to shape and deliver teaching to trainees
  • helping trainees design and pilot their research projects
  • involvement in various course committees
  • helping select people to train as clinical psychologists

We will continue to look into new ways you can contribute to our course.

Will I be paid?

We can offer payment per hour for your involvement. Unfortunately, we cannot pay for time spent travelling, but we can cover travel costs.

Please contact us if you need the support of an assistant or carer to enable you to get involved and we will help in whatever way we can.

Get involved

You can contact us if you'd like to take part in this scheme. We will then ask you to come in to the University for an informal chat about the work opportunities.

Email us

Professional psychologists

If you are a clinical psychologist in the area who would also like to be involved in this initiative or learn more about it we would also be keen to hear from you. Please contact Cathy Randle-Phillips.

We have a PPE leaflet that can be given to clients in mental health service. Please contact us, if you would like us to send you some of these leaflets.