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Support following bullying, harassment or hate crime

The University is committed to creating a culture where everyone can study, live and work free from any form of harassment.

If you have experienced harassment, bullying or hate crime there is support available, both within the University and externally. You can have control over the type of support you receive, and we will never pressure someone to make a formal report.

You will be believed and you will be taken seriously. It is never your fault.

The Wellbeing Service

Comprehensive university support following harassment, bullying or hate crime.

The Wellbeing Service can support you following harassment, bullying or hate crime, and can also coordinate other support services on your behalf. This could include:

  • simply listening to you
  • explaining your options for making a formal complaint. The Wellbeing team will not pressure you to make a formal report, but they will be available to support you if you wish to do so
  • arranging referrals to the Counselling and Mental Health team on campus
  • reviewing your safety arrangements on campus
  • rearranging your class schedule
  • making a short-term change to housing arrangements
  • offering funding support for extra costs such as a long-term housing change
  • sensitively informing other University staff about your situation on your behalf
  • making alternative exam arrangements, including location adjustments or individual mitigating circumstances
  • arranging an Individual Study Programme if you are unable to return to campus

The SU (Students' Union) Advice & Support Centre

The centre provides independent, professional, non-judgmental information and advice for any issue of harassment, violence or misconduct.

The SU Advisors are here to listen and give you information and advice regarding your reporting and support options as well as academic processes. Our support may include:

  • listening to you
  • explaining the support options available to you both within the University and local community
  • helping you to explore what support services suit you best
  • explaining your reporting options, including reporting to the Police and university complaints. We will not pressure you to report or complaint but can support you if you chose to do so
  • support you through the reporting and complaints process, including reviewing your paperwork
  • support you with academic processes such as Individual Mitigating Circumstances (IMCs) or Academic appeals if your performance has been affected


If you are worried about your safety on campus, please contact the Security team.

The Security team is here to help at all times. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Many of the officers have received specialist training in how to support victims of violence, including sexual violence. The team works very closely with Student Services and The SU.

If you are worried about your safety at any time, or you have been harassed, assaulted or raped, please talk to our Security team. You can always find a security officer at the Library Reception desk or contact them on 01225383999 (emergency) or 01225385349 (general enquiry), they will always be pleased to help, support and advise using their knowledge and experience.

SARI: Stand Against Racism and Inequality

SARI is an external organisation who provides support for victims of any type of hate crime including racist, faith-based, disablist, homophobic, transphobic, age-based or gender-based.

The support SARI provides can include:

  • supporting you as you try to cope with the stress, fear and trauma caused by hate crime
  • working with you to look at your options for taking action to resolve your case
  • working with and coordinating other agencies on your behalf, encouraging them to take action, getting updates on their work and ensuring they do the right thing
  • supporting you through legal proceedings related to your case
  • helping you make complaints against other organisations and agencies
  • getting you the help you need, whether from us or referrals to other agencies