University of Bath

Support if you are a doctoral student

If you are studying for a doctorate at Bath, Student Services can offer you advice and support relevant to your needs.

Student Services can offer doctoral students advice and support via our Helpdesk and our specialist teams.

Counselling and Mental Health

If you are feeling stressed, anxious or depressed there are ways we can help you. As well as counselling sessions we offer a number of groups and workshops specifically for postgraduate students including over the summer. One to one sessions are available all year around. Our counsellors have a good understanding of the pressures and challenges of doctoral study and can give you space to explore these and help you find solutions that work for you. If you have a long term mental health condition the team can support and compliment your access to NHS services, throughout your doctoral studies.

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Disability Service

If you need advice or support around a disability, health condition or specific learning difficulty please contact us for an appointment. You can phone, email or visit our Helpdesk. We have a designated adviser for postgraduate students. You are entitled to reasonable adjustments to your doctoral studies and these might be different from those you may have had for previous study or work, so please do arrange a meeting to discuss.

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Student Money Advice

We can offer advice specific to doctoral students including help with budgeting and information about funding support. We can also advise if you need a break from your studies or are considering leaving. Please contact the Helpdesk for an appointment or you can come along to one of our drop-in sessions.

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Wellbeing Service

We're here to offer you help and support with all welfare and wellbeing issues. If you have an academic problem such as an issue with your supervisor, or need advice on an emotional or practical issue, you can talk to a Wellbeing Adviser about anything. Come along to one of our daily drop-in sessions or phone or email us.

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