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Support if you've been accused of harassment or assault

Independent, non-judgmental support is available if you have been accused of harassment or assault.

It can be very distressing if you have been accused of bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination, a hate crime or sexual assault.

The University will not make assumptions on the relative merits of a complaint. No party will be considered ‘at fault’ until a complaint has been investigated. All those involved in a complaint will be treated fairly and offered advice and support.

You can also find more information on the University of Bath's disciplinary procedures and what will happen if you're asked to attend a disciplinary committee hearing.

Student Union Advice Centre

Independent, professional, non-judgemental information and advice for those accused of harassment, violence or misconduct.

The SU Advisors are here to listen and give you information and advice regarding disciplinary processes, support options and academic processes such as Individual Mitigating Circumstances. Our support may include:

  • listening to you
  • explaining the support options available to you both within the University and local community
  • helping you to explore what support services suit you best
  • explaining what happens once you’ve been accused e.g. disciplinary processes
  • supporting you through the disciplinary process, including reviewing your paperwork
  • supporting you with academic processes such as Individual Mitigating Circumstances (IMCs) or Academic appeals if you feel your performance has been affected

To find out more about what happens if a conflict of interest arises, please see our policies and procedures information.