University of Bath

Supporting your academic and personal progress

At Bath, you get advice, support and guidance on an academic and personal level so that you can study to the best of your ability.

You'll get support and guidance from your personal tutor.

Getting the help you need

When you get to university you might feel like you need some support to get through any challenges that you face. We have support systems and networks in place to help and guide you in being a successful student.

Improving your academic and English language skills

Studying at university is different to studying at secondary school, whether you're doing A-levels, International Baccalaureate, or any other qualification. At university you'll be expected to study independently. We can help you improve the skills you need to reach your full potential, such as academic writing, critical reading and giving presentations.

Our Skills Zone also offers support for students on all aspects of writing in the form of a free, confidential drop-in and tutorial service with a team of individual academic writing experts.

If English is not your first language, we have a range of classes to help you develop your fluency and accuracy.

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Student Services

Our Student Services Centre is your first point of contact for a range of information and support to help you get the most out of your time here.

If you need specialist help or advice you can contact us. We can offer you guidance on your money and finances, additional support for a disability or specific learning difficulty, wellbeing advice, and in accessing the counselling & mental health services on offer.

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Personal tutors

If you are studying an undergraduate or taught postgraduate course, you get assigned a personal tutor who is a member of academic staff. They'll give you academic guidance on your progress and support you in your personal and professional development throughout your time here. They can help you adjust to studying at university and point you in the right direction to get any other help you might need.

They’re also the person who will give you an academic reference for your first job after graduating.

Student Experience Officers

Student Experience Officers, or SEOs, are members of non-academic staff. They work with Directors of Study, Programme Officers and other professional support staff. They’re here to make sure that your needs are considered properly, by offering you support and advice on your academic and broader student life.

Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors are here to help new undergraduate students settle into university life. They are all current students who have been through the arrival experience and their first year, so they're well placed to help you with any concerns you may have.

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Placements teams

We support you even while you aren’t here too.

Placements teams will support you in finding a placement if you decide to take one as part of your study. They will act as a point of contact and support you throughout your placement. You’ll also be in contact with your personal tutor and your dissertation supervisor while you’re away and when you come back you’ll get help and advice to get back into academic life.

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