Take part in our online study investigating mental health relapse

This project aims to understand more about when mental health problems might be seeming to reoccur in people who are in recovery from psychosis or anxiety.

With the help of this research study, we want to find out what people would think if they had particular experiences where there could be different explanations for what is happening.

We are interested in whether having previous personal experience of particular mental health problems makes a difference to what people would think in these situations. We will do this by comparing the responses of people with and without experience of mental health problems. We are also investigating whether people who have recovered from a mental health problem worry about their mental health problem coming back.

Who can take part

We are looking for people over 18 years old who:

  • either consider themselves in recovery from psychosis
  • or consider themselves in recovery from an anxiety disorder (generalised anxiety disorder/worry, OCD, social anxiety or panic disorder/agoraphobia)
  • or have no experience of mental health difficulties

What you'll get

We will make a £2 donation to your choice of a selection of mental health charities in acknowledgement of your time and contribution.

What's involved

You will be required to complete anonymous questionnaires online which should take 30-40 minutes. No identifiable personal information will be collected.*

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If you have any queries about this research study, please get in touch.

This study has been approved by the University of Bath Ethics Committee (Ref: PREC 18-306) and the Health Research Authority (Ref: 241704).