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Take part in our study into gender and facial expressions when in pain in a social context

We want people to contribute to our research into how facial expressions during pain are impacted by gender and gender identity when in social settings.

What we're investigating

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Current research suggests that gender, gender identity and gender stereotypes impact people’s pain-related behaviour.

Much of this research has shown that gender differences are often visible through non-verbal expressions of pain. These include facial expressions, body postures, and vocalisation.

However, much of this research took place in non-social settings. Our study will explore how certain aspects of gender contribute to this difference when people are exposed to pain while in social settings. We will look at facial expressions and how these are impacted by individuals’ identification with gender, gender stereotypes and roles.

This follows research that suggests that one’s beliefs of gender stereotypes surrounding pain may influence how one perceives and attends to pain.

Take part in our research

We are recruiting for this study until 1 March 2022.

What’s involved in the study

You will complete a questionnaire and computer-based task.


You must be over 18.

You must have normal/corrected to normal vision


No identifying information or IP addresses will be collected or retained, as data will be collected anonymously.

Data will be collected via Qualtrics, which is password protected and stored in HTTPS encrypted servers. Pavlova also requires a secure HTTPS connection and is fully encypted.

Once collected, data will be downloaded to secure Bath servers for analysis. The data will also only be accessed and analysed in a folder in the University of Bath’s remote desktop, both of which are also password protected.

Should other researchers request the data, it will remain fully anonymised, and is consented to before partaking in the study.

Study start date

1 December 2021

Study end date

1 March 2022

Take part in this study

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If you have any questions about this study, or our research, please contact us.

This study has been approved under the umbrella application: PREC 19-251