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Take part in our study into how anxiety levels influence the way we process emotional information

We are looking for people to help us with our Multisensory Integration of Faces-Voices in Trait Anxiety research

About the research

When we express and perceive emotions, we usually rely on multiple senses, considering the tone of voice and the emotion expressed in the face. The main purpose of this research is to determine whether the way in which we combine these different sources of information together to help us make judgements about how other people are feeling is affected by the degree of anxious personality traits.

Who can take part?

You can take part if you are:

  • over 16 years
  • have normal, or corrected-to-normal, hearing and vision.

Overall, we are looking to recruit individuals with a range of anxiety levels, but are particularly seeking at the moment to recruit individuals with low day-to-day anxiety levels.

What is involved?

The first part of the study requires filling in some short online questionnaires about anxiety symptoms (approximately 15 minutes). We are aiming to study individuals with a range of anxiety symptoms (from none to more severe) and so individuals will be selected for inclusion in the main part of the study based on their scores on the pre-screening questionnaires.

In the main session (lasting around 30 minutes) you will complete some short questionnaires and a short emotion identification task in the department's lab facilities.

What we will give you in return

Individuals selected to take part in both parts of the study will receive £4.00 for taking part.


This study has received ethical approval from the University of Bath Department for Health Research Ethics Committee 1.

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1 This study has been approved by the Department for Psychology Research Committee (Reference Number 19-259).