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Take part in our study investigating what children think about being weighed at school

Researchers in the Department for Health want to discover more about what effects the National Child Measurement Programme has on children.

Background information

What do children think about being weighed?

In the first and last years of primary school, most children in England are weighed and measured by the school nurse as part of the National Child Measurement Programme. There has been some research with parents to find out their views about the programme, but no research has yet been done to find out what children think about being weighed and measured. So, in this study we would like to speak with children, aged 8-11 years, from a range of backgrounds to hear what they have to say. Hearing from children is important and will help us make sure that we can take their voices into account when we think about policies that affect them.

Study information

We are recruiting for this study until 26 February 2021, or until we reach capacity.

What's involved in the study

If your child would be interested in taking part, we will arrange a time for a video-call (via Microsoft Teams). In this call we will show your child some story cards about the Measurement Programme and ask them what they think and feel about the story. This will be a friendly and fun chat, lasting about 30 minutes. You can be with your child for the interview. We are looking for children of all body weights and will not ask or talk about your child’s own weight; all questions will be about how children feel about being measured in general.


We would like to speak with children, aged 8-11 years, from a range of backgrounds.

What you'll get for taking part

There are no direct benefits for taking part, however, to thank your child for taking part we will send them a Phlat® ball.


All information you and your child provide will be stored securely. We will not include any details that would make you or your child recognisable when we write up our findings. This study has ethical approval.1

View an overview of this study

Dr Fiona Gillison provides an overview of this research study and what taking part involves.

We'd love for you to be involved.

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Get in touch

If you have any questions about this research study, please contact the researchers.

1 This project has been approved by the University of Bath, Research Ethics Approval Committee for Health (REACH) [reference: EP 18/19 113]