The Big Team Challenge

A business challenge working with some of our Corporate Partners.

Our Corporate Partners

We will be joined by 6 companies for The Big Team Challenge

The Big Team Challenge is a fun and interactive team building event which will take place during the first two weeks of the semester.

During this session, you will be set a task in which you will need to act as consultants for the attending Corporate Partner company. Amongst others, this task will challenge your:

  • team working skills

  • time management

  • task allocation

  • negotiation skills

These are all skills that you will be using during your studies.

The event gives you the opportunity to meet and work with representatives from some of our corporate partners. You can also learn about placement opportunities offered.

We will allocate you a two-hour session to attend and email you the details. It will also appear on your semester 1 academic timetable.

Get a head-start on the challenge by researching your allocated company!