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The Doctoral Recognition Awards

Recognising the contributions of our students and staff.

Nominations have now closed for 2021.

Recognise the work of our students and staff

Taking time to reflect on our achievements and celebrating what we've accomplished is important.

Recognising those who have inspired us helps our doctoral community to share ideas and knowledge, work together and build stronger relationships.

That’s why we’re asking you to nominate someone for a Doctoral Recognition Award, to showcase what’s working well, encourage people who’ve gone above and beyond to help others, and to motivate us all.

We have awards for both students and staff. Please get involved, it's easy to nominate someone and it will mean the world to them.

The Awards

You can nominate either a student or a member of staff for a Doctoral Recognition Award.

Student Award

This award recognises doctoral students who have enhanced our community and helped others to improve their skills. Students must not be graduating from the University before July 2020.

If you need some inspiration, maybe you know a student who has:

  • organised an event that brought departments together
  • presented at an external conference to raise the profile of their research
  • volunteered for a peer mentoring scheme

There are lots more examples, just think about who has inspired you.

Staff Award

The staff awards are open to admin and support staff, academic, technical and research staff, professional services and anyone who supports doctoral students.

If you need some inspiration, think about a member of staff who has:

  • gone the extra mile to support you
  • found an innovative solution to a problem
  • introduced a new way of working to make things easier for everyone

There are lots more examples, just think about who has inspired you.

Previous award winners

Find out the recipients of the student and staff awards from previous years.

Here you can find out the winners of our previous awards:

Contact us

If you have any questions about the Doctoral Recognition Awards please contact us.