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The IPR Policy Fellowship Programme: Artificial Intelligence

Develop your professional knowledge of AI, data science, policy and ethics by spending 1-2-1 time with world-class academics at the University of Bath.

About the programme

Learn more about The IPR Policy Fellowship Programme: Artificial Intelligence.

Please note: In light of COVID-19, we have adapted this programme so it can be delivered online.

The IPR Policy Fellowship Programme: Artificial Intelligence is structured around tailored virtual meetings with selected academic experts who are researching and working in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), data science, coding, machine learning, policy and ethics.

The University’s interdisciplinary expertise provides perspectives which can inform key areas of policy, including, smart technologies, robotics, human computer interactions, machine learning, big data, the ethics of the application of AI to common public sector issues such as equality and nondiscrimination in decision-making and healthcare technologies. In addition, our post-graduate provision trains and develops people for the future of AI skills and knowledge in the UK.

Engaging with academics across the University inspires Policy Fellows with new ideas and perspectives. In this way the Policy Fellowship Programme drives innovation, helping Fellows apply new tools, models and frameworks to improve the ways in which policy is developed and delivered.

Why choose Bath?

Why you should visit Bath to learn more about AI, data science, policy and ethics.

The University of Bath is a leading UK university in artificial intelligence (AI), data science, coding, machine learning, and public policy with more than 70 people working in and developing research across these areas. In addition, the university has recently received funding for a new Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Accountable, Responsible and Transparent AI.

Our AI ecosystem brings together fundamental discovery-led research and training in AI, machine learning and data science, with academics from science, engineering, mathematics, political science, social policy, psychology, health and management who are leading breakthroughs across a wide range of application domains.

We carry out interdisciplinary and applied research through our Department of Computer Science, Institute of Coding, Institute for Mathematical Innovation and Institute for Policy Research (IPR).

What Fellows can expect from the programme

The schedule for each visit will be different, but there are some basic elements which will remain the same for all of our Fellows.

Tailoring your Policy Fellowship experience

We will have an initial discussion with you, in advance of your visit, about your areas of interest and motivations for taking part. We will ask you to prepare between six and eight policy questions around which you would like to focus your discussions, or for you to choose from an area of University of Bath expertise, listed below, and also provide us with a brief note on your background and current role.

You can submit six to eight questions you would like to explore with academics, or choose from one of the following areas:

  • Smart technologies, robotics and human computer interactions
  • Machine learning, big data and cognitive science
  • Ethics and the application of AI to common public sector issues such as equality, non-discrimination, decision-making and enabling change
  • AI, automation and labour market change
  • Healthcare innovations and applications
  • Future AI skills for the UK

What to expect

Using your questions, or your choice of area of Bath expertise, as a framework, we will arrange a series of hour-long, one-to-one virtual meetings with academics whose work is relevant to your policy area. Not all the people you meet with will be working directly in your area, or able to give specific answers to your questions. They will all, however, be able to engage in a thought-provoking discussion which will stimulate your, and their, thinking.

Additional benefits

There is no charge for participating in the Policy Fellowship Programme. By completing the programme you will join an elite group of IPR Policy Fellow alumni.

You will also have access to the University of Bath Library for two years after your Fellowship, including access to online journals.

How to apply

Find out how to apply for The IPR Policy Fellowship Programme: Artificial Intelligence.

To apply, please e-mail us the following details:

  • Current professional role
  • Reasons for applying for the Fellowship
  • Questions to be explored through the Fellowship, or area of interest
  • Availability for visiting Bath
  • A short biography


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