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Tour, Talk and Stay

You now have the opportunity to visit our campus for a campus tour, information talk and an overnight stay in our accommodation (Covid-19 guidance permitting).

A chance to explore in-person

It's been a difficult time for students making their university choice. With limited opportunities to visit campuses, we have built some great online resources. As good as they are, they don't replace seeing a campus in person.

Now UK COVID-19 restrictions are beginning to lift, we are offering pre-applicant students the opportunity to visit our campus and stay overnight. We are offering separate event dates for:

  • events for unaccompanied under 18 students (supervised by University staff overnight)
  • events for over 18 students and under 18 students accompanied by a legal parent/carer/guardian

You'll get to stay in University accommodation, meet current students and find out what Bath has to offer. Spending a lot of time with us is the perfect way to experience our campus and find out what it is like to study in Bath. It will also be an excellent opportunity to explore the city you could live in.

Want a shorter visit? Come on a Campus Tour
Aerial photo of the Claverton Campus

How will the event run?

The Tour, Talk and Stay will consist of a campus tour, dinner on campus, an overnight stay in our accommodation, breakfast on campus and finally a talk that will give you an insight into Bath and/or the UCAS processes and a chance to ask our ambassadors what its like to study at Bath.

The events are planned to be COVID safe and will adhere to the guidelines at the time of the event (we have plans in place for each situation).

The timings for each visit are:

Day 1 Day 2
2 pm Arrival and accommodation check-in 8 am Breakfast in hospitality outlet
4 pm Campus Tour 9.30 am Accommodation check-out
6 pm Dinner 10 am Talk (Ambassador Q&A, Why Bath options)
11am Departure
students sat on the grass facing the lake with a fountain

What are the dates for the visits?

All dates for Tour, Talk & Stay are now fully booked

Dates will depend on whether you are over-18 or under-18 and will be attending with a parent/carer or if you are under-18 and unaccompanied.

If you are under-18 and unaccompanied, you won't be alone for long. You’ll be introduced to other unaccompanied students and spend time with our Student Ambassadors. We'll have additional staff working overnight.

Date Who?
Week of 2 August arriving on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri or Sat Over-18 Student or Under-18 + Parent/Carer
Week of 9 August arriving on Thur, Fri or Sat Unaccompanied under-18s (no guests)
Week of 16 August arriving on Thur, Fri or Sat Unaccompanied under-18s (no guests)
Week of 23 August arriving on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri or Sat Over-18 Student or Under-18 + Parent/Carer
Week of 30 August arriving on Mon Over-18 Student or Under-18 + Parent/Carer
A student reading a book sat on a bed in student accommodation

What are the prices for the visit?

We have set prices for the Tour, Talk and Stay which is £40 per person. This includes your accommodation and meals.

You (and your parent/carer if coming to an unaccompanied event) may be eligible for a free of charge place if you meet our Widening Participation criteria. Please let us know if you think you might be eligible when you express your interest.

Whilst at the University there are lots of places to get snacks and drinks as well as our on-campus supermarket to get any bits you may have forgotten.

2 students laying on the grass smiling

Get a feeling for what you'll experience

In the meantime, please watch this campus tour led by one of our undergraduates.

Contact us

If you have any questions