University of Bath

Two-day workshop - Behavioural Finance in action

This workshop is intended for anyone investing in or trading in the financial markets and all managers and executives affected by financial corporate decisions.

How you will benefit

You will leave with an understanding of how to maximise value-added returns by:

  • understanding managerial biases, and the methods for overcoming them
  • knowing how to use the concept of behavioural finance to manage assets and investment portfolios
  • being able to better recognise the tipping-point between value-creation and value-destroying projects

You will also understand:

  • how psychological biases and emotions can impact corporate finance, investment appraisal, dividend decisions and capital structure decisions
  • the tension between paying dividends and investment
  • how to avoid project entrapment, overconfidence and excessive debt
  • how to improve value-creation through better financial investment decisions
  • how to manage assets and investment portfolios for maximum returns

How your organisation will benefit

This course will allow you take significant learning back to your organisation, including:

  • improved understanding of the impact and effects of psychological biases on organisational financial decision-making
  • better asset management and investment portfolio returns
  • improved capability to avoid value-destroying projects and investment behaviour

This two-day workshop focuses on how to maximise value-added returns by understanding how managerial psychological biases and emotions impact corporate financial decision-making.

It builds on latest thinking and research in behavioural finance and draws upon real world examples to help understand how to maximise value-added returns on investment performance.

The course will be supported by the book Behavioural Corporate Finance: Decisions that Create Value.

Course dates

This page will be updated once 2017 course details are confirmed.


The workshop cost is £1,200.


The programme is led by Dr Richard Fairchild, Senior Lecturer in Corporate Finance in the School of Management at the University of Bath.