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UCAS Application Conference – Tuesday 1 June

Join us for our UCAS Application Conference and find out everything you need to know about applying to university.

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UCAS Application Conference

Overwhelmed by the choice of universities and courses? Confused by UCAS? Struggling to write your Personal Statement? Join us for our UCAS Application Conference to find out all you need to know to make a successful UCAS application.

Join our experts for three sessions covering the entire UCAS process, from how to decide on which course to study, to how to write a killer Personal Statement that’ll impress your chosen universities. There will be the opportunity to ask us questions about what makes a good application, as well as the chance to hear from current Bath students how they chose what to study & what they put in their Personal Statement.

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Watch the conference - Choosing a course & a university

This session aims to help students feel more confident in how to start their own research into courses and universities while drawing attention to the key things to consider when making decisions. Students are also provided with top tips for collecting information on the web and at events such as open days.

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Watch the conference - Introduction to UCAS

This session aims to help students feel more confident and better prepared to engage in the university application process. Students are introduced to what UCAS is and are provided with an overview of the various UCAS application sections and key deadlines. Students are also provided with hints and tips on what makes a competitive application, what to research and are made aware of additional UCAS features such as extra and clearing.

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Watch the conference - Personal Statements

This informative session is a good starting point to familiarise students with how the personal statement can be used to stand out from the crowd when applying to university. The talk aims to help students feel confident in their own understanding of what a competitive personal statement is, what to include and how to find this information. Using a step-by-step guide, this workshop focuses on developing students’ confidence in their own ability to research, plan and write a competitive personal statement that focuses on what universities are looking for.

Students are provided with the opportunity to reflect on what aspects of their own experiences, skills and knowledge are relevant to their personal statement. This is followed by the introduction of tools and techniques for constructing paragraphs and drafts.

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