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A new way to meet other University of Bath students who love the same things you do.

Students have told us that it can at times be challenging to connect with others so we have partnered with Umii, a free app that can connect you to other University of Bath students based on your shared interests.

Umii is a network that connects you to other students with similar interests. Create a profile that reflects your personality, select your key interests and Umii will individually introduce you with other like-minded students each day. You then have one week to connect, if not, they disappear, and you are given new suggestions.

If you’re looking for a way to meet other students who love the same things you, or to meet other Bath students when you are not in Bath then Umii will help you to do that.

Umii is independent to the University but is a closed network to our community so you can be confident that it provides a safe space to meet other Bath students.

How to join

Download Umii to your device:

Google play store
App store

  1. Select your university
  2. Validate your profile with your email address (this is how they keep the app safe from imposters)
  3. Select your interests
  4. Build your profile
  5. Every day, the app will connect you with three-five new students who share your interests and course type.