Unpaid Placement Bursary 2018-19

If you receive the Bath Bursary and are going on an unpaid placement, you may be eligible for this extra award of £2,000.

About the bursary

This is a bursary awarded to help support Bath Bursary recipients planning to take up a full-year unpaid placement period as part of their degree course in 2018-19.

The award is worth £2,000 on top of your Bath Bursary payment. To be eligible for an award you must meet all the following criteria:

  • you are a UK Home student
  • you commenced your undergraduate course in 2012 or later
  • it is your first placement in 2018-19
  • your placement is considered as a full-year unpaid or study abroad placement
  • you are in receipt of the Bath Bursary

Placement definition

For the purposes of this bursary scheme a placement is defined as a thick sandwich programme that has a full year placement option as an integral part of the programme.

Eligible programmes have defined UCAS codes that identify them as an undergraduate degree programme with placement.

Placements can be made up of paid or unpaid employment, research or study abroad. These periods normally attract a reduced tuition fee liability.

If you are in receipt of a paid allowance for your placement period, that is to say receiving a non-taxable payment which is not a salaried income, then you should be treated as if you are on an unpaid placement. If you are in receipt of a payment that is classed as taxable income by your placement provider or country of placement, then you will be treated as if you are on a paid placement. If your placement is ERASMUS this counts as unpaid with regards to the bursary.

You are responsible for ensuring your placement type is correctly reported to your Placement Team. Your Department Placement Team will report your placement type to the Student Records Office for your student SAMIS record.


If you are eligible for an award it will be paid as a single instalment of £2,000 in December 2018, alongside the first instalment of your main Bath Bursary.

Awards will be automatic based on data in your Student SAMIS record. All eligible students will be notified by email once your SAMIS record has been updated to confirm that your placement meets the criteria. Your Departmental Placement Office is responsible for ensuring your placement type is accurate in SAMIS, you can check this with them as appropriate. You will only receive payment once this has been completed.

Please note the Unpaid Placement Bursary is for full-year unpaid or study abroad placements only. Students who are undertaking an unpaid thin sandwich or a placement which has a combination of study/paid/unpaid may submit an application to the Discretionary Internship Bursary. It is also not open to franchised foundation degree programmes. Please contact us for further guidance on what other financial support may be available to you.

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