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Virtual Campus Tours

Find out more about how you can expereince the University from the compfort of your own home

Campus Tour

In current times with social distancing it is hard for the University to host groups of external visitors, but we still want students and parents to be able to experience the campus. Our Virtual Campus Tours will allow students and parents to have a 1:1 booking with a student ambassador who will be able to talk and tour around the campus in real time.

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How it works

Before the event

  • You will book a certain day and time from those available
  • We will pair you with an ambassador
  • You'll have the opportunity to engage with content online

During the event

  • There will be a live call with one of our ambassadors who will be on a tablet or phone
  • After a brief introduction the ambassador will show you around the campus in real time
  • If you have questions the ambassador will do their best to answer them or will be able to tell you where to get more information
  • If you want to see certain things at the University the ambassador will try to accommodate it where they can.
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Register your interest or find out more

Contact the Campus Events Team

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If you have any questions or want to talk about the events then please get in touch