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Welcome Weeks Programme 2020

Find out what's going on in your first few weeks at Bath. What activities we have, any support you need, get involved and make the most of your time here.

Our World Week 16 - 20 November

A week of culture, sample a language or find out more about our diverse community

Our World Week logo

The University of Bath is a diverse community with students and staff from 130 countries and Our World Week is here to celebrate that. It’s an action packed week full of taster sessions, workshops and guest speakers. You can attend online events and hear from guest speakers about Bath as a multicultural campus.

Welcome Week 23-27 September

Meet new people and find your way around campus. This week is full of activities to find out more about the University and what’s on offer.

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Welcome Week is about finding your way around campus, meeting new people and discovering your department and course. Your department will provide you with a timetable of activities taking place during Welcome to help you find out more about your course and meet you course-mates.

Welcome week is also Freshers week which is organised by The SU. It’s full of events and activities suitable for all and a great way to meet new and likeminded people.

Get Involved Week 28 September - 2 October

Find out about how to get involved in university life and the community, from student groups to representation.

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A large part of university life is about being involved in the community and there are plenty of opportunities to do just that. During Get Involved week you will be able to find out how to can become a Hall representative, run in the SU elections or represent your fellow course-mates as an academic rep.

There are also a number of opportunities to get involved with sports and activity on both a competitive and/or social basis or join one of the many student groups at the University. All of these are great ways to meet new people. Go to the timetable page to see how you can find out more and get involved.

Be Well Week 12 - 16 October

A week dedicated to your health and to help you find support when you need it.

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This week focuses on health and support. There are a number of ways at university that you can look after your health and during Be Well week you will have the opportunity to find out some more. You will be able to sample free sports, activities, join online workshops, pick up some top tips along the way and more.

There are also a number of services at the University who are able to support you. Be Well week is another opportunity to find out more about what they offer and where you can find them

Skills and Employability week 26 - 30 October

Discover some of the many opportunities to help you develop at the University and pursue your career.

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There are plenty of ways to develop your skills and employability alongside your studies. This week is filled with live online sessions, activities, resources and taster sessions for you to explore the range of one-off and year-round opportunities that are available. Whether you want to develop your academic, maths or digital skills, learn a new language, or enhance your future career prospects, the Skills and Careers teams look forward to meeting you.


Whatever you want to do in the future – whether your career path is clear or not – your Careers Service is here to support you. We can advise you on opportunities you have right now, help you develop skills and if you are not sure what you want to do, we can help clarify your career thinking.

Our online sessions next week include the following topics:

  • Q&A session on Applications, CVs and cover letters
  • presenting with impact
  • writing effective CVs
  • interview skills: strength and competency