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Where you can study - redesign

You can study independently in numerous places on campus or in the city centre, whether you're an undergraduate or postgraduate student.

The University offers a choice of study spaces to support different types of study, on campus and in the city. These include spaces designed for quiet, individual study, spaces suitable for group work and single occupancy rooms which can be used for online or phone interviews or discussions. Many spaces can be booked in advance.

Study spaces are open for all members of the University to use, please follow the University’s Be Safe on Campus guidance and any particular rules for the space you are using. Remember that study spaces are for quiet study; please don’t disturb other students or staff working nearby.

Study spaces available on campus and in the city

A summary of the study spaces available, with links to the LibCal system for making a booking and more detailed venue information where available.

Follow the Location links to find information about the facilities provided and use the Book a Space links to reserve a Single user room, Group Study room or other study space as detailed:

Bookable Study Spaces

Location Notes
Book a Group study room in the Library Information about The Library
Book a study space in the Virgil Building Services at The Virgil Building
Book a study space at 10 West Graduate Commons Levels 4 and 5 are for postgraduate study only) view information about 10 West Graduate Commons

Non-bookable spaces for drop-in study

Location Notes
The Library Bookings are not required for the majority of single seat study spaces in the Library
Virgil Building Informal study space in 1.06
Norwood House Information about Norwood house
6 West South Information about 6 West South
10 West Level 5 for postgraduate-use only
Dartmouth Avenue (city) No booking necessary

Post-graduate Only spaces

Location Notes
10 West Level 5 for postgraduate-use only
Library Study Room 5.07 Available for drop-in use by Postgraduate students

Using study spaces

Your responsibilities when using university study spaces

When you arrive at a booked Group Study room or reserved study space, you need to confirm your arrival. Please refer to the booking email for details.

If you do not arrive within 15 minutes of the start of your booking time, the space will be released for someone else to book.

When using the study spaces, please:

  • vacate your booked space by the end of your reserved time period

  • be respectful of others working in the space

  • keep windows open for good ventilation wherever possible

  • make sure any drinks are in sealed bottles, flasks or reusable cups with lids

  • do not consume any food

  • do not move any furniture

  • leave the space clean and tidy when you've finished

Study space booking tutorial

A video guide for University of Bath students showing how to book a study space on or off campus.


If you have any feedback about places where you can study, please contact us by email.