Why work with MC²?

Here is the difference we make to our clients and collaborators.

What we are good at

We pride ourselves on giving you a rapid, reliable, competitively priced and confidential service.

  • We are multidisciplinary experts
  • We use start-of-the-art instrumentation
  • Our rates are competitive
  • We promise a rapid turnaround
  • Our service is confidential
  • We are keen to build long-term relationships with academia and industry
  • We work with academics from the University of Bath and beyond

What our industrial clients say

We have a reputation as a reliable, comprehensive and professional facility. Read what our industrial clients say about the services we provide.

'We started using the University of Bath for our accurate Mass Spec analysis in November 2017 and are extremely pleased with the level of expertise and the short turnaround time on our samples. Any questions we have on the analysis is promptly replied to by the analysts and we will continue to use their service for the foreseeable future.' — Barbara Woods, Senior Technical Officer, Maynooth University, Ireland

'We’ve worked with the MC² team for the last 18 months and the service we have received has been excellent. Accessing MC²’s instrumentation and in-house expertise on a commercial basis has allowed our tenant companies to focus their time on their core businesses, and keep their overheads down.' — Dr Ashley Brewer, Centre Director, Unit DX Incubator, UK

'We were experiencing blockages in the system pipes and pumps of our sewage treatment works due to mineral scaling, so we decided to have the mineral samples sent to the University of Bath’s MC² facility for analysis using X-Ray Diffraction. The mineral composition was successfully identified as struvite, which assisted us in devising a scaling prevention strategy to protect our sites’ pipes and pumps.' — Wesley Wong, Technical Manager, GENeco, UK

'Dr Lubben and her team provide a rapid and thorough mass spectroscopic / chemical characterisation service. They use their expertise to ‘aid’ the customer achieve their material identification goal. Their reports are comprehensive and technical, but equally easy to follow and understand, and they provide the level of ‘identification’ that is compliant to the expectations of the MHRA. An excellent service.' — Dr James McQuillan​, Senior Product Development Manager, ATNAHS, UK

'We have used the accurate mass spec service provided by the University of Bath to aid in the identification of unknown impurities. The data provided has always been of a high quality, with a prompt turnaround. In addition, as we are in the early stages of process development, we have limited information regarding the unknown impurities, but they are always willing to revisit data once more information is available regarding the molecular formulae.' — Dr Siân Forsyth, Associate Principal Analytical Scientist, CatSci Ltd, UK

Case studies

Our characterisation service has helped answer many questions in sectors varying from the food industry to heritage conservation, microelectronics to the pharmaceutical industry, and others. Here are some examples.

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