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Wise Choices

A seven-week course for students struggling to manage painful emotions and high self-criticism.

This course draws on a range of evidence-based theory and practice including compassionate mind principles, evolutionary psychology, mindfulness and dialectical behaviour therapy. It aims to help participants develop a compassionate understanding of painful emotions and self-defeating behaviours, and learn techniques to enable you to feel more in control of your emotions and choose behaviours which align with your personal values.

Sessions will combine psychoeducational material with practical experiential exercises and opportunities for self-reflection to support you to develop a more compassionate stance towards yourself and your difficulties. There is no expectation of self-disclosure.

The course is comprised of seven weekly sessions of 2 ½ hours (including a 15 minute break), plus one further consolidation session. To maximise the benefit from the course, students will need to commit to attending all sessions (either in person or virtually dependent on circumstances around Covid-19), to undertaking regular home practice, and to abiding by the group boundaries to ensure it remains a safe space for all.


Wise Choices will next be running in February 2021. No exact dates have been set yet.

This course is only available to students referred in following an initial consultation. This can be booked by emailing

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