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Work experience feedback

Tell the Careers Service about the work you did over the summer for our work experience feedback scheme.

Tell us what you did last summer

Did you help at a playscheme? Find out what it’s really like in an investment bank? Work with an endangered species?

Could you inspire other students? Tell us about the work you did this summer for our work experience feedback scheme.

All you have to do is download the form below, fill it in and email it back to using your University of Bath email account.

The completed work experience feedback forms will be available in the Careers Service for students to browse, and you can indicate if you’re happy to be contacted by students wishing to ask questions.

Thanks for your contribution!

Download the feedback form

Find out what other students did during the summer

Come in and ask to see the work experience feedback forms. Contact the students to chat about their experiences.

Visit our page on finding work experience