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Work with our Centre for Autonomous Robotics (CENTAUR)

Find out about the different ways our you or your company can benefit from working with us on a range of projects.

Use our expertise

We offer a range of consultancy services for industry, academia and research. All our services take place on site at the University of Bath campus.

Autonomous robotics is a growing industry and we want to be at the forefront of developments in the sector. We invest our research knowledge, technical skills and professional expertise into developing robotic systems that can be used beyond the laboratory.

We can work with your company on projects and activities ranging from small and short term to large and long term. Our Centre's academic and research staff have expertise in many research areas so we can match you with the best people to work on your project. We can also call upon expertise from other departments across the University to help you achieve what you need.

Who we work with

We work with companies and organisations in a wide range of industrial sectors including aerospace, automotive, robotics, autonomous systems, manufacturing, marine, construction and government. We can help you with:

  • fundamental research
  • product development
  • detailed technical analysis and measurement
  • simulation studies
  • design appraisal
  • training

Our areas of expertise

  • robotic platforms
  • electronics circuit design
  • sensor design
  • machine system design, simulation and analysis
  • control system design and analysis
  • vehicle dynamics
  • general CFD and FE modelling
  • electronic design and simulation
  • case studies

Our facilities and equipment

Our facilities and laboratories are capable of tackling experimental and computational projects and available for both research and consultancy. These include:

  • autonomous surface platforms
  • multi-axis robotic arms
  • multi-axis shaker table (MAST) (up to 50Hz, 450kg max. payload)
  • multi-rotor drones
  • low-speed wind tunnels
  • power electronics laboratory
  • rapid prototyping laboratory
  • robotics design laboratory
  • underwater gliders

Through us, you can also access the University's manufacturing facilities, ranging from conventional processes via plasma-cutting and cryogenic 5-axis CNC machining to laser sintering and an autoclave. We can offer other advanced services such as CT scanning and use of the University's microscopy and analysis suite.

Contact us

Get in touch to discuss opportunities for us to collaborate.