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Writing Wednesdays and Virtual Writing Wednesdays

Find out how our weekly writing sessions can keep you motivated, reduce your levels of procrastination and help you achieve your writing goals.

What is Writing Wednesdays?

Find out more about our Writing Wednesday sessions we organise for doctoral students.

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Do you struggle to find the time, space or motivation to focus on your writing? Do you really need to finish a thesis chapter, confirmation report, journal paper or funding application? If so, come along to a Writing Wednesdays session.

'Writing Wednesdays' provides a supportive environment at a set time to help you progress your writing projects, knowing that everyone taking part in the session wants to achieve the same thing.

Join our in-person sessions

Writing Wednesdays run in 10 West 4.09 and are facilitated by a Doctoral Engagement Ambassador. At the beginning of the session, our Ambassador will help you to set writing goals, keep you motivated to write and towards the end, help you to reflect on your progress. Find out dates of upcoming sessions below:

No upcoming sessions in person at present (please see Virtual Writing Wednesdays for upcoming dates of virtual sessions).

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Virtual Writing Wednesdays

Virtual Writing Wednesdays run once a month on a Wednesdays from 2.00pm - 4.00pm. It's the same concept of our in-person sessions, just online. Come prepared to focus some time on writing and you may meet other students at the same time. The upcoming sessions are:

  • 12 October
  • 23 November
  • 14 December
  • 11 January
  • 08 February
  • 08 March
  • 26 April
  • 24 May
  • 14 June
  • 12 July
  • 02 August

Join a session

Whether you are planning on joining us on your PC, laptop, mobile or any other device, you can sign up for a session. You will be sent a Teams link in advance where one of our friendly Doctoral Engagement Ambassadors will greet you at the start.

You should be able to dedicate the full two hours for some writing, but if you can't commit to the full session come along and just let the Ambassador know at the start of the session.

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How to make the most of the session

To help you make the most of your time at the session, here are our top tips:

  • identify exactly what your writing project will be: a draft chapter, article, fellowship application or grant bid, for example
  • do as much reading and researching before the session to allow more time for writing on the day
  • set some goals and break your writing into smaller chunks
  • be realistic about your writing goals
  • if you get to a sticking point take a short break
  • don't try to write the perfect text in one go, write your ideas down and then go back and edit it
  • think about your writing environment and minimise any distractions
  • switch the internet off and put your phone in aeroplane mode (until the break)
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Contact us

If you have any questions about Virtual Writing Wednesdays please contact us.