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Year 12 Opportunities 2020/21

Get a taste of higher level study and develop skills for success at University and beyond. Explore the differences between our sustained programmes.

Explore your options

We have programmes available for year 12 students. This video will give you a taster of them.

We have a lot on offer to support year 12 students from under-represented groups. We have great opportunities for students from across the UK to engage with us and improve their skills and knowledge of university through working with us over a few weeks or months.

We know that COVID-19 has had a big impact on schools and learning and we want to support students to become the best they can be. Through a suite of different programmes we want to offer support for students to engage with in the way they want. We hope to deliver the in-person activity on our beautiful University campus, but if COVID-19 prohibits this then we will offer an online version of the same programme (delivered on the same dates) which students can complete in the comfort of their own home.

Use this page to explore the differences between the programmes and decide which one you would like to apply for.

All the programmes are for students who are high achieving and meet our widening participation criteria. If you're not sure if you are eligible contact us and we will be able to help.

The Year 12 Programmes

Discover Bath

A summer programme which aims to give students a taste of first-year life and study at Bath. The focus is on the 4-day summer school, where students will work on university-level work and students will have some work to do before and afterwards to make the most of the experience.

Pathway to Bath

An online programme that gives students the chance to develop key skills for university by completing a project working alongside university staff. Designed to fit alongside A-Level studies, the online programme, with a summer residential, is suitable for students living anywhere in the UK.

groups of students from outreach programmes


Understand the benefits of taking part

Whichever programme you choose, you'll benefit from:

  • The chance to receive an alternative offer to study at Bath
  • Experience of university style teaching and learning
  • Completing your own project
  • Connecting with other students interested in your subject
  • Working with current students and staff
  • Getting a taste of life on campus (Covid-19 permitting)
  • Support to make a successful university application

Choosing the programme which suits you

The main differences between the programmes is how they are delivered - Discover offers a short, intensive experience mostly during the summer, Pathway offer a flexible online or blended learning experience with a weekly time commitment.

  • Discover - 1
  • Pathway - 10

How long is the programme? (months)

Discover is shorter but you will work at a higher level (real undergraduate content) most of the time is a residential with work before and after. Pathway is longer but at a level designed to fit alongside A level or equivalent study.

  • Discover - 40
  • Pathway - 1

What's the weekly commitment? (hours)

The time you need to spend on the programme per week (in hours). Discover is an intensive programme so you spend more time working over a shorter period than Pathway, which is longer but has smaller units so you can complete them flexibly.

  • Discover - 4
  • Pathway - 3

How much time am I likely to get on campus? (days)

Covid-19 permitting, as part of each of the programmes you will spend some time on the University of Bath campus. This shows the number of days.

What should you do next?

To find out more about each of the programmes visit the links below. From each of the pages you'll be able to apply online. Please only apply for one programme, you will not benefit from doing more than one (and we'll only accept you onto one). If you're still not sure which programme is best for you contact us on the email below and we can help you.

Discover Bath

Pathway to Bath

Download promotional materials (posters and leaflets)
groups of students from outreach programmes

Explore other opportunities

Are these programmes not right for you?

We have a lot of other activity available for you to explore from campus tours to experiences of teaching and learning at Bath. Use our webpages to find out more.

Explore all our opportunities
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Access to online learning

We can support you to access technology if needed.

The University of Bath is leading the Digital Divide project, addressing the challenge of not only providing content that gives young people the best chance of success, but also ensuring they have the means to access it. Please contact us if you anticipate any challenges applying for or completing the pre and post work online and we will do our best to support you.

Contact Us

If you anticipate any challenges applying for or completing your chosen programme (or the pre and post work) online and we will do our best to support you.