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Your learning

How we'll continue to improve your teaching and learning experience so you gain skills and understanding which are valuable to you and sought after by employers

Learning experience

We use your feedback to inform teaching and new ways of learning.

At the University of Bath, we aim to offer you the best possible learning experience in an ever-changing world.

We use student feedback to help us build on our teaching strengths and harness the potential of new ways of learning. Many of our staff are international experts in their subject areas, using their research and discoveries to ensure that your learning incorporates the most relevant topics, and reflects latest understanding.

The Bath Blend

An inspiring blended learning experience designed to make sure that physical distance is no barrier to learning and teaching.

During the 2020/21 academic year, we are delivering an inspiring blended learning experience to our students which combines both in-person and online learning activities. This is the Bath Blend.

In-person teaching and engagement is taking place each week on campus, making sure that learning is worked through in practice, a key feature of Bath education. In addition, the live online teaching provision includes both interactive learning sessions, allowing sharing and exploration of ideas within a group, and structured independent self-study.

We are also continuing to provide both in-person and online student support services ranging from high quality careers advice, through health and wellbeing to personal tutoring. New ways to support our placement students as they join organisations around the world have been implemented. Whilst prioritising the health and safety of our campus community the Bath Blend aims to ensure that physical distance is no barrier to your educational development.

Beyond the 20/21 academic year

Building on what we have learnt to improve and enhance teaching and learning opportunities.

Looking ahead to 2021 entry and beyond, it is our hope that the impact of COVID-19 on our lives will have significantly lessened. We are determined to build on what we have learnt through the challenges of this crisis to offer yet better teaching and learning opportunities for the benefit of our students in the coming months and years.

Flexible learning

By reviewing our provision and listening to current and prospective students, we will be aiming to build on the enhancements and innovations we have made, delivering engaging teaching and inspiring learning experiences that are also accessible remotely, giving you both choice and flexibility.

High quality recorded material which is readily accessible will provide the foundation for in-person sessions such as seminars, small group-work, laboratories, individual and team projects, design studies and tutorials, enabling you to apply your understanding of the knowledge you have gained in a supportive and interactive setting.

Our commitment

Our commitment is to provide a learning environment at the University of Bath which continues to embed the skills and understanding that will be most valuable for our students, and most sought after by employers.

The Bath Blend

Watch a video about our blended-learning experience, The Bath Blend, which gives you the flexibility to study on campus or online.