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A master's experience that gives you insight into the automotive industry

Francis Santana tells us about her experience studying MSc Automotive Engineering and how it will help her achieve her goal to work in the motorsport industry.

Some of our students get hands-on experience with our industry-standard facilities through project work
Francis Santana working in an automotive laboratory

I chose to study automotive engineering at Bath because I found the course had a good balance between theory and the practices used in industry. Many courses have the theoretical base but I was convinced by Bath because of its additional focus on industrial projects. Throughout the course, you work on projects that teach you how to handle an automotive project in industry from both an engineering and management point of view.

A relationship with industry

Many of the lecturers who teach us have worked in the automotive industry before or have close links with it. The Department also has a great reputation for powertrain research within the automotive industry. This makes the lectures and course richer and seem more relevant in what we can learn.

A supportive environment to help you grow

What I have enjoyed the most from my course is the amount of support from the lecturers and tutors. Any time I have a question or a problem they are really helpful. They'll gladly set time aside for meetings or direct me to the person that can help me. Something else I have enjoyed are the lectures given by guest speakers from different companies. It has been useful to hear about their experience and knowledge of how to handle things in industry.

Studying at Bath also helps you become more independent. Tutors and lecturers are there to guide you but no one will tell you when to study or how to do things. I've found this experience useful as it reflects the professional workplace where you are responsible for figuring out the best way to manage your work.

Future steps

When I graduate, I plan to work within the automotive industry here in the UK or Europe. I want to acquire enough experience to be able to achieve my goal of working within the motorsport industry, specifically F1. Later on, I would like to go back to Mexico and share what I have learnt by teaching.

‘The Department has a great reputation for research within the automotive industry.’
Francis Santana MSc Automotive Engineering (2016)