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A new University strategy

How we developed our organisational strategy for 2021 to 2026 by setting out four pillars to drive our activity. Part of the Annual Report and Accounts 2020/21.

This year the University published its five-year strategy for 2021 to 2026, setting out four pillars to drive collective activity.

The University has evolved considerably since 1966, when it was established to advance learning and knowledge by teaching and research, particularly in science and technology, and in close association with industry and commerce. More than 50 years on, we are proud to have grown in size and reputation, and rank in the top 10 in all three main national league tables.

Although much has changed since its establishment as Bath University of Technology, the vision of our founders remains as critical today as it was in 1966. The description of technology as 'the point at which science intersects society' was used to frame the activities of the University. An empowered University community that draws on science and society to address key challenges of our time remains as important as ever, whether seizing opportunities in digital technologies or tackling the threat of climate change, or addressing health crises.

As a 'dual intensive' University, we equally value teaching and research as core strengths and these will continue to be at the heart of our strategy.

Over the next five years we will become more agile in our response to the rapidly changing local, national and global environment, consolidating our strengths and advancing our activities in scale and impact. Building on our distinctive, nationally-leading position in the higher education sector, we will seek to advance our impact through the four pillars.

Driving excellence in education

We will grow our reputation for University education through internationally leading courses which are rigorous, relevant, and pioneering and which attract highly achieving students from diverse backgrounds. Courses will be enhanced by high-value placement and extracurricular opportunities to help students to take their ideas and passions to the next level.

Driving high-impact research

We will grow our research strength to drive research quality, achievement and impact at international levels. To strengthen further our research impact, sharpen our focus and increase our influence, we have identified three primary institutional research themes for collaborative working across disciplines: Sustainability; Health & Wellbeing; and Digital.

Fostering an outstanding and inclusive community

We will grow our identity as a strong learning community in which collective endeavour and a culture of care enable the flourishing of all.

Enhancing strategic partnerships

We will grow our strategic civic, corporate, and international partnerships to allow us to fulfil our ambitious vision in education, research, and enterprise. We will seek to enhance our global position within the top world-leading institutions.

Our strategy outlines the way in which our University is an energetic connected community, committed to excellence in research and education, embracing the opportunities of today’s world and addressing its challenges. Working together as a community to implement our strategy will be a key focus over the coming years.