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Designing circuits on placement at Renishaw

Elizabeth tells us about working in the High Speed Design department at Renishaw for her electronic and electrical engineering placement year.

female student and male employer at a desk looking at a circuit board
Elizabeth gets advice from a member of staff on her placement at Renishaw

I was keen on the idea of doing a placement right from the start and Bath has a dedicated team just for the Faculty of Engineering & Design. We have great quality lab equipment at Bath and it's good to have already worked with the sort of kit that you'll find in the workplace. I first met Renishaw at the October careers fair. When I applied for my placement, it was simple because my CV had already been through many drafts with the careers department.

At Renishaw, I have been working on a variety of projects, designing, building and testing circuits from scratch. I have also worked on embedded software and learnt new programming languages. My non-technical skills have also improved; I have written reports, given informal presentations, and helped to teach others.

The best thing about a placement is being able to take a break from university. It has let me sit back and really understand what I have been taught. It has also helped me work out what I really enjoy doing so I am confident my choices for future modules at university are the right ones.

Looking ahead

I think my placement will help me get a job because work is so different to university, and it’s good to have experience of the two worlds. Not only that, but I have plenty to talk about in interviews. I do not yet know what I will do when I graduate, but I would happily return to Renishaw if I decide not to study further.

‘Bath had the best arrangements for placements, especially as they have a dedicated team just for the engineering faculty.’
Elizabeth Lloyd MEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering with placement year (2016)