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Developing our strategy

How we've developed our organisational strategy for 2021 to 2026 through communication with students and staff. Part of the Annual Report and Accounts 2019/20.

‘Our University, Our Future’ was an ambitious staff and student engagement exercise held during 2020.

Over the past year, we have strengthened our efforts in this area by investing in people and continuing to develop thinking on our strategy as well as supporting several campaigns important to our students and staff.

Our University, Our Future

“How do we become more inclusive for all students and staff?” “What does great student experience look like?” These were just two of the questions we asked our community as part of ‘Our University, Our Future’ - an ambitious staff and student engagement exercise held this year to help inform our future direction and strategic planning.

Led by the Vice-Chancellor with the Department of Communications, our over-arching objective was to enable an authentic dialogue between members of our community. Contributions have started important conversations and provided us with a richer understanding of emerging priority areas for our next University Strategy.

Seven key topics

Over the course of exhibitions and six ‘world café’ discussion events, as well as through our online surveys, we asked members of the community for their reflections, thoughts and suggestions on seven key topics: research excellence; international partnerships and opportunities; the student experience; wellbeing; our role in the region; inclusion and widening participation; and our shared purpose.

We received more than 3,300 pieces of feedback, with around 400 staff and students signing up for our world café events. Our online survey received responses from 1,442 staff and students and more than 3,100 alumni. The outcomes of this engagement exercise have been published in a comprehensive discovery report. This has enabled us to identify areas we can address quickly and longer-term challenges and opportunities which can be built into the 2021-2026 organisational strategy.

“I believe that the fundamental ethos and values on which this University was formed are still as relevant today as they ever were. Our unique discipline mix enables us to bridge the intersection between science and society, conducting applied research in partnership with others and enabling a holistic education, all for the common good. However, the world has changed significantly in the 50 years since we were founded, and the external environment continues to evolve rapidly. Therefore, in order to live our founding principles fully, we must also change in the years to come.” – Professor Ian White, President and Vice-Chancellor