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Family Science Projects

Downloadable resources for parents/carers and young children to work together on.

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The Family Science Projects support parents/carers and students to work together on their own piece of science research. We have created a free guidebook to support parents/carers through the scientific process and to do a science project with their child. You can download it below.

What is the scientific method, you ask?

The scientific method is a process of experimentation used to explore observations and answer questions. The aim of this process is to explore cause and effect by asking questions, gathering and examining evidence and analysing the information from your research and experiments. All the information then gets added together to form an answer.

Though this is a series of steps, it may not always follow the same order. Sometimes new information or a new way of thinking will mean that you will need to backup or repeat a few steps before moving forward. Using this method helps to focus your scientific questions, work through your experiments, understand your observations and analyse your data in the best possible way, helping you to answer your question fully. Whether you have not studied science since school or you are not in a science job, this guide will lead you through the whole scientific process.

How do you use the guide?

You can use the guide in many different ways; it is there to support everyone to take part in science projects. Whether you have a background in science or not the guide will lead you through the process of doing science projects so you can support your child through the process of completing a project. Some parents/carers might want to use the guide as a project during a school holiday or if there is a science fair locally, this guide can support children to develop their project for display at the fair. It can also be used as a resource for an after-school club.

Let us know how you get on

When you've completed your project, why not let us know what you've done.
- You can send us a photo through social media, find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
- Email us with a story about what you've done and we'll post the best as blog posts


Download the resource booklet for parents/carers and children.

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