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IAAPS collaboration with AVL on simulation tools for propulsion research

IAAPS is participating in the AVL Advanced Simulation Technologies University Partnership Program which provides access to cutting edge simulation tools.

IAAPS is proud to be participating in the AVL Advanced Simulation Technologies (AVL AST) University Partnership Program (UPP). This provides access to AVL’s comprehensive set of powertrain simulation solutions, including Boost, Cruise, Excite, Model.CONNECT and Fire. For IAAPS, as a UPP partner, this offers the opportunity to use the latest simulation tool chain for state of the art scientific research and educational purposes.

Industry standard simulation tools deployed for academic research

Person interacting with software
AVL simulation tools support academic research

This partnership enables our research team to access AVL’s cutting-edge simulation tools in a range of research projects focused on engine, powertrain and vehicle related component and system level analysis and optimization. The software also supports postgraduate and undergraduate training activities. It provides a great opportunity to expose our students to a broad range of industry standard simulation tools and gives them experience and insight into the AVL software portfolio, widely used in industry.

Our researchers also make full use of the software on a range of research projects, several funded by the APC and Innovate UK. The software is currently being deployed by our researchers who are optimising the performance of a single rotor Wankel rotary engine with intermittent injector and spark timing control as part of an ADAPT project., funded by Innovate UK. In future, the team will continue to make use of the AVL Boost software and utilise the AVL data analysis tool, Concerto 5™ across a number of projects.

“The IAAPS research team are simulation tool agnostic and always look to work with the most appropriate software tools with our collaborators. It is great to have access to the AVL simulation tool chain to support many of our data analysis and simulation needs. In addition the AVL Model.CONNECT™ software allows us to integrate powertrain models from a number of vendors/collaborators in one easy to use environment, so that we can always use the best software tool for each specific research task. Access to the Academic partnership is excellent news for our undergraduate and postgraduate students” said Professor Sam Akehurst

Further examples of research impact generated through use of AVL’s Advanced Simulation Technologies can be found in the publications listed below:

Peden, M., Turner, M., Turner, J.W.G., and Bailey, N., “Comparison of 1-D Modelling Approaches for Wankel Engine Performance Simulation and Initial Study of the Direct Injection Limitations,” SAE Technical Paper 2018-01-1452, 2018, doi:10.4271/2018-01-1452.

Vorraro, G., Turner, M., and Turner, J.W.G., “Testing of a Modern Wankel Rotary Engine - Part I: Experimental Plan, Development of the Software Tools and Measurement Systems,” SAE Technical Paper 2019-01-0075, 2019, doi:10.4271/2019-01-0075