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Investigating the regulatory state

Research from the School of Management’s CRI engaged regulators and government bodies for two decades.

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CRI's research has left behind a lasting legacy

The Centre for the study of Regulated Industries (CRI) was established in 1991 by the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA). The Centre transferred to the School of Management in 1998. Peter Vass left CIPFA to join the School in 1990, where he became the centre’s Director.

CRI ran for twenty years. It ended as an operational Centre in 2010, following Peter’s retirement.

The idea for the Centre started after the privatisation of service ‘infrastructure’ industries including the electricity industry, and regional water and sewerage authorities.

CRI engaged academics and practitioners, including:

  • regulators
  • government departments
  • government agencies

The National Audit Office was both a strong supporter of and contributor to the Centre, as was the Environment Agency.

A lasting legacy

Throughout its lifespan, CRI evolved as privatisation grew and regulatory institutions changed. The debates between a range of parties resulted in CRI leaving a publication legacy.

After CRI ended, the School formed a Centre for Governance, Regulation and Industrial Strategy (CGR&IS).

CRI publications

View all of CRI’s publications.

The University library holds a collection of around 230 CRI publications. Find out more and view the collection.

CRI legacy fund

When CRI ended, leftover sponsor money went into creating the CRI legacy fund.

Dr Rob Branston (CGR&IS Deputy Director) was responsible for the fund, which was to be spent on 'activities which reflect the work that CRI did, and its spirit'.

The School recently used part of the fund to pay for a Research Assistant position. Marc Betton was employed to continue his PhD work in the area of the Regulation of Micro-Firms.

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