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Pre-sessional course at Bath: Sarawit Pratchprueng

Sarawit Pratchprueng (Offy) from Thailand shares his experience of the 10-week Pre-sessional course at Bath.

Pre-sessional student Sarawit Pratchprueng (Offy), MSc Management
MSc Management student Sarawit Pratchprueng (Offy) from Thailand

Offy explains how the Pre-sessional course helped to prepare him for his MSc Management degree.

My view of the Pre-sessional course

Why did you choose a Pre-sessional course at the University of Bath?

I have learned a lot of English language since I was young, but in fact I still had a problem communicating in English because I did not normally speak it in my everyday life. So, I was struggling and did not know what to do.

Fortunately, I found out that a Pre-sessional course at the University of Bath could help me gain numerous practical competencies and prepare myself to pursue my main course successfully.

What is the most important thing you learnt from the course?   

I have learned how to prepare myself for academic discussions and how to express my opinions during conversations critically and politely.

I was able to attend the decision-making session, which was very beneficial for every class activity and in real-life situations when I have to make an appropriate choice based on events and conditions.

How did you feel at the end of the course?

Honestly, I feel more confident than on the first day at the university. I also realise that I have learnt how to write academic essays and references correctly. In addition to this, I can find proper ways to avoid plagiarism and other inappropriate things which negatively affects academic integrity.

Another point is that I still need to improve by keeping on making friends with other people in order to consistently practise spoken English to be more fluent.

What is your favourite thing about living in Bath? 

I love the architectural style in the city. The buildings here are beautiful and historically unique. In addition, the residents are so nice. I always feel safe whenever I walk around the city centre either day or night.

Moreover, I have seen so many lovely dogs, which are pets I love, walking around with owners and sniffing flowers on the pavement.

At the end of your time in Bath...

Which employability skills did the Pre-sessional course help you to develop?

I believe verbal communication is an essential skill to progress on the career ladder. I had to work in a team many times during the last academic year. I found that I am quite confident in communicating in English with my course mates from diverse cultures.

I have used many techniques for academic expression I learnt from the Pre-sessional class and developed my negotiation skills from group debates.

What will be your best memory of the Pre-sessional and of your time at the University of Bath?

From my perspective, spending time with friends in the summer has been the most unforgettable experience of my life. The balanced workload during the Pre-sessional course motivated me and my friends to attend various activities, such as cooking, travelling, and clubbing together.

What advice would you give to anyone preparing to do the Pre-sessional course in the future?

I would say you have to prepare yourself not to give up easily mentally. Encourage yourself that you can do it whenever you find it challenging.

Although living far away from your home country is challenging, you need to change obstacles to opportunities. Also, do not forget to make friends and participate in university events. You will obtain many new networks and connections which will lead to valuable opportunities in the semester and future career.

‘I have been given many valuable chances to practise English skills by getting involved in academic discussions.’
Sarawit Pratchprueng (Offy) MSc Management

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