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Pre-sessional English course student view: Abdullah Alhazmi

Abdullah Alhazmi from Saudi Arabia, PhD in Management.

Photo of Abdullah Alhazmi, PhD in Management
Abdullah Alhazmi completed the first part of the 20-week Pre-sessional English course from April to June 2020.

Abdullah Alhazmi will start a PhD in Management at the University of Bath in September 2020. He completed the first part of the Skills Centre’s 20-week Pre-sessional English (PSE) course from 20 April to 26 June 2020 - the first time this course has run online due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Here Abdullah shares why he would strongly recommend the course.

Why I chose the University of Bath

I chose the Pre-sessional course because it was recommended by my friends and because of the Top 10 UK ranking of the university. Additionally, it is an intensive course which will help me improve my English and to do my PhD.

What I liked most about the PSE course

I liked working with other students from different cultures as a team to analyse and solve issues. Furthermore, I learnt research skills and how to write in an academic style. Finally, I learnt how to write under pressure.

Even though I was studying the course online, it felt like a face-to-face class. There was a lot of practising, discussion and work in teams.

The key skills I developed on the PSE course

Learning more vocabulary by reading articles has improved my writing and I have practised the four skills of English. I learnt presentation skills such as how to create an effective presentation which also improved my speaking.

My tips to others doing the PSE course

I think it is a great opportunity to do the Pre-sessional course at the University of Bath. I would strongly recommend the course because it is a very important stage for international students to improve their English. We can consider it as a preparation for our new environment and new culture. You should study hard and practise all English skills as much as you can to achieve your aims.

My future plans

My ambition is to be a university lecturer and to focus more on research in my subject.

‘Even though I was studying the course online, it felt like a face-to-face class.’
Abdullah Alhazmi PhD in Management

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